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Who are the OEIs@MandelaUni?

Gino Fransman is the OEI project leader and an Academic Development Professional based at Nelson Mandela University in South Africa, with previous experience at the University of the Western Cape and the University of South Africa. His Master’s research explored youth experiences of and in the new South Africa, in particular negotiations of identity and cultural stereotypes through engagements with performance. His PhD research explores Open Education Resources (OER) for enhancing teaching and learning in higher education.

Kelly Liberty is a Nelson Mandela University graduate. She has been an OpenEdInfluencer (OEI) since 2018 when the first OEIs were appointed. Kelly believes Open Education is the solution to the issue of access that many in South African students are challenged with. She hopes to bring change and make a difference by influencing with Open.

Mlungisi Mhlongo is a graduate with an Advanced Diploma in Accountancy. He has been volunteering as a Peer Helper, a First Year Success Mentor and a library assistant at Nelson Mandela University. He is mostly impassioned by Youth development and is exciting about becoming an OEI and using OER to influence young minds and advocate for change.

Selwyn Milborrow is a Nelson Mandela University staff member and BA Literature Studies’ student. He is an author, poet, freelance journalist, and vlogger. His work has been published in various anthologies and prescribed texts for high schools. He is passionate about Open Education and advocates for the free sharing of learning materials.

Ntemesha Maseka is from Lusaka, Zambia and is a Doctor of Laws student at the Nelson Mandela University. She believes Open is important because it has the potential to transcend physical, financial and geographical barriers that students experience in their strive towards attaining an education. She says the quality of resources is not compromised and the diversity of the content available enriches your learning experience.

What do OEIs do?

#OpenEdInfluencers energetically advocate for the use of Open Textbooks across purpose, faculties and schools.
OpenEdInfluencers conduct research into student experiences with textbooks and with OER, as well as assisting educators with the finding of Open materials to use in teaching and learning.
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